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Over the years, you build up a lot of ideas for improvements in your life. Sometimes, you make observations. Often times, in your circle people are thinking the same as you but have not vocalized their thoughts, ideas and concerns. This is my personal area to give back to the professional community various observations and ideas that have come to mind.

For some of the ideas, I had the honor of contributing some small part of making the story happen. Sometimes, the story completed, sometimes it did not. Perhaps you can find value in my observations and ideas and create your own reality.


March 16, 2023, Utopia of On-Boarding

Imagine a world where a manager has a desire to create a position, interview, hire and onboard a candidate. Manager works with HR to select a Job Description from a family of jobs and associated compensation rates. The job is posted and manager interviews from the pool of possible candidates. An appropriate candidate is found. This article is one possible end state of on-boarding that would greatly improve the employee or internship experience and make the individual productive in a short time.

  • The manager informs HR on the selected candidate.
  • HR click a button that sends the offer letters. The offer is accepted by the candidate.
  • HR clicks a button and everyone that needs to know in the company is notified and provided relevant details (name, position, department).
  • Info Sec automatically creates a User ID and assigns appropriate AD groups.
  • Since most applications are apps to the appropriate AD groups, the user ID is assigned AD groups automatically based on department and role.
  • Meanwhile, Facilities has assigned the new employee office space based on proximity to the team assigned. They notify the manager and desktop support.
  • With the HR notification of the offer, the hardware group got the request for the new user and has assigned the equipment, packaged and shipped the equipment to the office assigned by facilities.
  • The department manager is notified when the equipment is positioned on the employee's desk and either the manager or desktop support hook up the equipment and place the original instructions.
  • The login information is sent to the manager who can print and give the details tot he new hire on day 1.
  • When HR sent the information on the new hire, the training department prepared a schedule of requisite training that is only available in-person. Since the AD groups already assigned the other online/on-demand training, there is no need to worry about that.

The employee shows up on the first day, has a laptop/desktop that is ready with initial instructions. The department greets the employee and makes them comfortable. When showing the employee their new seating location, the manager provides the login details. At this point, the employee logs in and find emails in their inbox with welcome messages from the department management as well as senior leadership (yes, some is canned) and online training links. There is also a schedule of requisite training the employee must attend to be ready for work.

While this sounds great, there is more!

The employee also has training plans from the Training department outlining additional training with a Sprint-based approach that takes them through all of the relevant IT training for their supported applications. This training provides details of the applications and architecture and design they will be involved in. For developers, the training veers to approved development standards. For other disciplines, there is training relevant to their specialties (business analysis for BAs, Quality for QAs, etc.). This additional training is to improve the employee's performance start up and make them productive and knowledgeable in a boot-camp like fashion. The manager gauges their progress. For interns, the training also requires Sprint-end presentations to the relevant discipline/technology areas. During the entire on-boarding process, the employee or intern records any improvement areas for the on-boarding or learning process.

Author: Rakesh D. Rathod

Created: 2024-06-14 Fri 14:39